• Inspired by Quality.

    International Hispanic Online University (IHOU) offers online university-level education, using Spanish as the primary language of instruction. The academic programs and course content are modeled after those available in universities and colleges in the United States. Read More
  • Inspired to Support.

    IHOU produces each course using some of the brightest minds in the field combined with conventional instructional design strategies in order to maximize student engagement and learning. Read More
  • Inspiring Success.

    IHOU recognizes that enabling Hispanic students to study core classes in Spanish and supporting them with a socio-educational network and English language learning increases the rate of degree attainment. Read More
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Featured Courses

  • POLI101 - Political Science +

    This course is intended for students who want to study Political Science as well as those whose professional interests lie elsewhere. Read More
  • ANTH101 - Cultural Anthropology +

    This course is a basic introduction to the fascinating themes that Anthropologists come across and... Read More
  • HIST112 - US History II +

    The course surveys the history of the United States since the Reconstruction period through... Read More
  • ART101 - Intro to Art History +

    The Introduction to Art is a course that examines major works of art and architecture, from ancient... Read More
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